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Company History

In 1938 Angelo and his two brothers, James II and Vay started a trucking company called Airoldi Cartage. My grandfather, initially a silent partner, developed real estate for a living. He became involved in cartage when his brother, Ang, went off to war. Grandpa filled in as bookkeeper, while UncleVay ran the operations. Because Airoldi Cartage had a valuable LC license giving them the authority to run any type of freight, they became a successful trucking company making Airoldi Cartage a target for the unions. The brothers made the decision to dedicate the drivers to their customers, and turn the trucks into a Full Service Lease. At this time they were not sure if they wanted out of the trucking business completely. They worked out a deal with one of their customers to run under Airoldi’s authority, so they would not lose their license. historical photoThey must have ran under our authority for a long time, because as a kid I remember them calling our house at 3:00 in the morning and my Dad getting out of bed to start their trucks in the middle of winter when the weather was 20 below. It wasn’t until Robert Airoldi, son of Vay, had to get out of bed to start trucks that we opened up a third shift.We never did get back into trucking, and no one really knows why. With the deregulation of trucking, the LC number became worthless.

In 1970, our Dad signed our biggest deal for 11 tractors with Warner Continental Transportation. Apparently the Airoldi’s could not sleep for months, because they were worried about being able to make the payments. With our fleet at 70, 11 tractors was a huge account. In 1972 Airoldi passed 100 vehicles and Badger Truck Center gave us our first fleet discount.

By 1982 Airoldi’s fleet grew to 300. Along comes the third generation working our way through high school and college. Cheri, Jim Jr. and Mike all made the business our lives. In 1999, Robert retired. Our family took Airoldi Brothers to the next level. January 2001, we opened a shop on the north side of Milwaukee to take the pressure off our south side facility that was built to service 300 vehicles and we were then servicing 575. Three months after we opened our second location, one of our customers asked us to maintain their refrigerated trailer fleet of 400. Six months after we opened we added 5 more bays. We did not anticipate the north shop to grow as quickly as it did. We had to do something fast to take the pressure off the south side. We decided to put a mobile truck on the road. It quickly grew to a fleet of four. In October 2006, we sold the south location and moved into a state-of-the-art mega facility on 8 acres in Oak Creek. Today we maintain approximately 1300 pieces of equipment.

Corporate - Airoldi Brothers, Inc.

6930 South 6th Street
Oak Creek, WI 53154
Used Truck Sales: 414-435-7001
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Milwaukee - Airoldi Brothers, Inc.

9062 North 107th Street
Milwaukee, WI 53224
T: 1-800-952-7068 | 414-716-0100
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Madison - Airoldi Brothers, Inc.

3618 Lexington Ave.
Madison, WI 53714
T: 1-608-240-0540
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Appleton - Airoldi Brothers, Inc.

2605 South Casaloma Drive
Appleton, WI 54914
T: 1-800-952-7068 | 920-955-3833
F: 920-955-3830

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